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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

As banking and financial services (BFS) companies compete fiercely in an increasingly digital marketplace and adjust to evolving consumer behaviors further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to embrace a software-centric view of their business.

To transform, profit and grow, organizations need to create new customer engagement benchmarks, find new ways to generate revenue and continue to reduce expense.

P&C and life insurers can use digital to manage COVID-19
Exercising digital strengths will help insurers maintain high-quality experiences for policyholders during the pandemic while improving business resiliency.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Life sciences & healthcare enterprises are being significantly disrupted by COVID-19.

The healthcare industry requires a deep, structural shift to move beyond brick and mortar, toward anytime, anywhere care that is continuous, integrated and extended over time.

Life sciences organizations are under pressure to innovate their processes as fast as possible.


Manufacturers have a massive opportunity to make innovative products with new levels of personalization and efficiency.

In a market characterized by globalization, competition and consolidation, we’re ready and positioned to work with manufacturers to innovate and stay competitive.


The pace of change across the retail landscape is accelerating like never before. And it shows no slowing down in future as well.

Rapidly changing consumer demands – plus powerful market disruptors and new business models – are upending the industry.

Travel & Hospitality

Across-the-board transformation is disrupting travel and hospitality industries.
Get ready for a future of chatbot services, expanded loyalty ecosystems and tech-driven guest experiences along with new competition from nontraditional contenders.

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